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ASSIST (jointly with Dr. Chunlei Ke) is a suite of R functions for fitting various non-parametric/semi-parametric nonlinear fixed/mixed models. ASSIST contains five main functions including

  • ssr for non-parametric regression models for independent and correlated Gaussian data, and for independent binomial, Poisson and Gamma data;
  • slm for semi-parametric linear mixed-effects models;
  • nnr for non-parametric nonlinear regression models;
  • snr for semi-parametric nonlinear regression models;
  • snm for semi-parametric nonlinear mixed-effects models.
Some well known special cases are polynomial splines, periodic splines, spherical splines, thin-plate splines, l-splines, generalized additive models, smoothing spline ANOVA models, projection pursuit models, multiple index models, varying coefficient models, functional linear models, and self-modeling nonlinear regression models.

Technical review, references and many examples can be found in the manual ( ps, pdf, html ). Click here to get the most recent version of the library in a gz file, or here to get the most recent version of the library in a zip file. Click here to get R programs we used in the manual.

The NLME package (version 3.0 or later) developed by Jose C. Pinheiro and Douglas M. Bates is required. This package in R can be downloaded from the the R contributed page. This package in S-Plus can be downloaded from this site.

Schematic plot

The graph on the left shows how the functions in ASSIST (in red letters) generalize existing S functions (in black letters). An arrow represents an extension to a more general model.

  • lm: linear models;
  • glm: generalized linear models;
  • nls: nonlinear regression models;
  • lme: linear mixed effects models;
  • gam: generalized additive models;
  • nnr: nonlinear nonparametric regression models;
  • nlme: nonlinear mixed effects models;
  • slm: semi-parametric linear mixed effects models;
  • ssr: smoothing spline regression models;
  • snr: semi-parametric nonlinear regression models;
  • snm: semi-parametric nonlinear mixed effects models.

BSML (jointly with Mr. Junqing Wu, Dr. Jeff Sklar and Dr. Wendy Meiring) is a suite of R functions for estimating complex functions using the Basis Selection from Multiple Libraries (BSML) procedure. The main function is bsml . Click here to download the package for Unix (Linux) platform and here to download the package for Windows. Use "R CMD INSTALL bsml_1.0-5.tar.gz" to install on Unix (Linux) and use "Packages -> Install package(s) from local zip files" from the menu to install on Windows.

PULSE (jointly with Dr. Yu-Chieh Yang and Dr. Anna Liu) is a suite of R functions for hormone pulse detection and estimation. It contains three main functions including

Download the PULSE package for Unix (Linux) and Windows platforms. Details and examples can be found in the manual ( ps, pdf ).

GRKPACK(Yuedong Wang, 1995) is a package of Fortran subroutines for fitting Smoothing Spline ANOVA models to data from exponential families. It includes code for binary, binomial, Poisson and Gamma data. Download the GRKPACK package for Unix (and Linux) platform.


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